How to become a host

Do you own a place by the coast? Great! Do you wish to rent it out when you’re not using it? We’re looking for you and we will help you make use of it without breaking a sweat! We will give you the opportunity to increase your income by allowing other travelers to rent out your coastal residence. All you need to provide us with is information about your place like its location, space, view, amenities and all the pictures that can thoroughly showcase it to our clients. We will do the rest! Once a traveler notifies us with their interest in your place, we will contact you to confirm its availability, then all key delivery and payment processes will be handled by us.

  • Get your own coastal heaven


    Because it’s a great opportunity to go there whenever you want to and to get a financial benefit out of it.

  • Register on our platform

    To be able to reach customers, you register on our platform and add your home to our database, so travelers can check out its size, amenities, view and pictures.

  • Give us your key

    Once a traveler shows interest in your home, we will deal with the rest by sending a courier service to pick up your key and deliver it back to you.

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