Taghaghian Ecolodge / Siwa

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If someonetold you that he went Jetskiing in Siwa, know that he has been to taghaghian.
Taghaghian is considered an island, quite far from downtown Siwa, but it carries a real especial
fact that it fall directly on a lake. If you’re staying at on eof their huts, you can wake up in the
morning to fing that the lake is only two steps away from your door step. Also there you can take
a boat and get dropped on one of their smaller islands in the middle of the lake and try one of
the most unique camping experiences. One more thing, Taghaghian is definitely on the A-list of a
sunset view, jaw dropping.

The Taghaghien Eco lodge, with palm trees scattered around, is dominated by olive trees used in the making of tables, chairs and swings, moving you one step closer to nature. Parts of palm trees are used as ropes and supporters. For you smokers, don’t expect ashtrays to be made of plastic, iron or wood. Ashtrays on the island are made of salt. Coloured salt. And they’re heavy.

On the island is a cold spring, fit for a summer swim, in addition to a felucca for a quiet ride along the lake. But mind you, the lake isn’t a very good place to swim as salt is highly concentrated in its water. However the view from the bungalow of the lake outlined by mountains, mostly of white and yellow colours, makes for a superb sunset unmatched anywhere else. My lodge was only a metre and a half away from the lake, with a wooden swing and a palm tree kneeling down as if quenching its thirst from the lake. Outstanding view. On the island are also Oriental outlets and a Western-style bar, in addition to a bazaar selling Siwan handicraft.

Taghaghien envisions the concept of an ecolodge also in the selective and efficient use of resources and low energy consumption. Electricity doesn’t flow in the island except after sunset. After you sleep, it’s turned off. So make sure, if you want to charge any electric device, do it while the lights are on at night. Hot water, however, is one problem I faced on the island. Water heaters work only with electricity, so a warm shower wasn’t an option for me until it was already night. The resort management promised a solution soon.

For honeymooners, I’ve got a surprise for you. For an unusual vacation with your partner, you can own an island for as many days as you want. As long as you are on the island you choose, you’ll see nothing but nature and your lovebird. Let me explain. The Taghaghien, in addition to the main island, owns and operates six other smaller islands, and the only way to commute between them is the felucca. Eighty years ago, those islands were inhabited by Siwans but then they deserted them for the town. Whether they are all palm and olive trees or ruins of old houses, they surely make for unforgettable days. Arrange with the resort to provide you with tents for camping on the island.

Owner Safety Land Company to set up tourist villages
Chairman and partner of solidarity Engineer / Boshra Hanna Elgergawy

Property Types

Type NameType PriceType Options
Single Room400 EGP/NightB&& Included
Double Room600 EGP/NightB&B Included
Triple Room850 EGP/NightB&B Included


  • sea view
  • breakfast


  • free parking

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All Desert Activities are available