Join the challenge


Join the challenge

What are you challanging?

Basically yourself!

If you can travel to our 6 untapped destinations

  • Siwa

  • Nuweiba

  • Aswan

  • Marsa Alam

  • Dahab

  • EL Faiyum

One each month consecutively, If you can live the experience of discovering The other side of Egypt, if you can provide time each month to discover more. That's what we are challenging you for!

What are you required to do to win the challenge?

You will be travelling these destinations and taking as many photos and videos as you can. Each of photo and video carries a certain number of points. The more points you collect the more is your chance to win. The winner will have to travel all the destinations and at the end the one with highest number of points will win 5000 EGP points that can be used to travel to any destination on

N.B: You are free to leave on Saturdays if you have college or work.

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